Why Use Zenith Quotes?

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Fast & Easy to Use

Zenith Roof Quotes gives you the power and tools to complete your own roof takeoff without having to step on top, saving you time and money. Complete a takeoff of the average size residential home in about 10 minutes instead of waiting or paying for a priority takeoff.

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Increase Your Chances of Closing

Create a quote immediately after receiving a request. While visiting the customer (as we highly recommend to increase your close rate) you can verify pitch, take any measurement notes if necessary to ensure accuracy, and check for hidden extras you’re unable to see from the satellite imagery. If all checks out, you can email the quote right from site or when you get back in the office. Impress your customers with your fast turnaround time!

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More Than Just Take-Offs

You can create your own quote from takeoff to delivery by email in roughly 15 minutes. Using the administration portion will allow you to email clients, keep notes, track expenses and budget, and create reports to analyze profitability and performance, both per job and over time.

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Application Support & Ongoing Upgrades

We will be updating the program regularly and would be happy to hear what additional features you would find more effective for your company!


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Accurate Measurements

Full roof takeoff measurements including field, hip, ridge, valley, eaves and gables.

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Automatic Calculations

All measurements calculated for you based on the input pitch factor.

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Many Measurements

Hip, ridge, and valley measurements including pitch calculations.

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Easy to Use

User friendly; Just click and drag. Once a takeoff is completed, send the quote right to your customer!

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Export & Print

A full printable chart of all measurements for anyone to use.

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Close More Deals

Quickly generate more quotes accurately allowing you to beat your competitors to delivery!

Membership Options


$ 99

Per Month
  • Manual takeoffs: $20/ea
  • Auto takeoffs: $30/ea
  • Unlimited employees
  • Online training

$195Full Package

$ 99

Per Month
  • 25 Manual Takeoffs
  • Auto takeoffs — $30/ea
  • Unlimited employees
  • Online training

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